We’re a group of passionate stock market investors in San Francisco. Some of us invest for a living and others invest in our spare time. Even with different backgrounds, we have lots to share with each and can help each other become better investors.

As a new group we’re excited to meet other people who enjoy investing in stocks. No matter how much you know about investing, we’d love to have you join a meeting.

Our group meets twice a month, with our meetings happening on the second and fourth Mondays. During our meetings we have presentations, discussions and social time.

Since we are looking to build an active club, we do require members to pay modest membership dues to attend our meetings. All are welcome to join us for a meeting before deciding whether to become a member. If you like what you see, we look forward to having you in our group.


Advisory Board

Our group is led by a board that helps direct the vision of the club, and these members serve terms for six months or a year. Feel free to reach out to anyone with questions or ideas.

Eric Chung – eric@sfinvestors.org

JJ Morrissey – jj@sfinvestors.org

William Reynolds – william@sfinvestors.org

Evan Shive – evan@sfinvestors.org

Shenhaochen Zhu – shen@sfinvestors.org

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